On March 25, a transformational impact was made in India through IREF Together

The fourth annual IREF Together was the best one yet! This year, viewers learned about the IREF kitchen that provides over 700,000 meals per year. We heard Natalie Rebba’s inspiring story of raising her four daughters at IREF and serving through VBS and Sunday school. And we saw the life-changing impact IREF has made on students like Sneha and Priya Darshini.

During the live event, in just forty-five minutes, the IREF community donated $68,230! Since the live event, the $75,000 event goal has been reached. Thank you for making a difference! If you didn’t have the chance to watch IREF Together, you can watch a replay of the event below.

“Events like IREF Together remind us of what is possible when people come together to make a difference. We hope you were encouraged as you watched IREF Together. Thank you for believing in this ministry and for trusting IREF to make an impact on your behalf. Each donation will bring positive change to India.”

Was LIVE on March 25th at 10am Central

Highlights from IREF Together 2023

Dee – Indra Interview

Dee Rebba talks to Indra about the impact of IREF.

Church Renovation

A progress report on the church renovation.

Sneha Testimony

Sneha talks about impact of IREF on her life.

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Current Totals for IREF Together 2023

IREF Together Goal: $75,000


Received: $86,065

Pledges Due: $2,200

Thank You!

The ministry of IREF is an example of what is possible when people come together to help those in need.

5,200 Pastors

were trained & equipped by IREF in 2022

800 Children

received safe housing and education in 2022

48 Young Adults

baptized in 2022

59 Full Time Teachers

that ensure every student is seen, known, and loved

800,000 Reached

through the IREF-TV broadcast in 2022

3,600 Phone Calls

for prayer through our broadcast in 2022

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

– Paul Oberschneider

Since its origin, the ministry of India Rural Evangelical Fellowship, also known as IREF, has made a profound impact in Southern India. For over 50 years, IREF has provided safe housing and education for over 12,000 children ranging from primary school to post-college. Through the tool of education, many students have broken the cycle of poverty in their families. IREF also has introduced over 10,000 people to the love of Christ. Today, IREF sponsors 120 evangelists, operates 63 village churches, and houses 800 students. We believe that God’s love changes everything! True hope is found in Jesus Christ.
We hope you can join us on March 25th for “IREF Together”.

March 25, 2023 @ 10:00 AM Central Time

8:00 AM Pacific Time
9:00 AM Mountain Time
10:00 AM Central Time
11:00 AM Eastern Time
03:00 PM British Summer Time
08:30 PM India Time

All donations from IREF Together will go directly to India to further the mission and vision of IREF-India.