Back To School Supplies

What would schools be like without notebooks, pencils, or backpacks?

Unfortunately, in Southeast India, many children do not have adequate school supplies.

Parents must decide between putting food on the table or buying books and school supplies. The more pressing need of food/survival rightly wins over.

The sad consequence of this is that the children go to school with inadequate or no supplies.

Some of them are not able to perform simple tasks like reading from a textbook, taking notes with a pencil, or writing in their notebooks.

Please help IREF provide books, backpacks, and school supplies to children.

Through a small $25 donation, you are helping to increase the quality of the education that the children receive.

This will have a long-lasting impact on their lives.

At IREF, we believe that better supplies and a supportive environment will result in a higher quality education!

Sports Uniforms

IREF desires to provide each student with proper sports apparel. Although the school sports uniform is designated for the physical education class, it also offers children from poor backgrounds another set of clothing. Many children come to IREF without proper clothing or the means to purchase any clothing at all.

The polyester, dry-fit material will help tolerate the extreme heat of India.

Cost: $10 per uniform

Text SPORTS to 224-228-3981 to give today!

The ministry of IREF is an example of what is possible when people come together to help those in need.

15:1 Teacher to Student Ratio

every student is seen, known, and loved.

80% of IREF Students

are saved and baptized by graduation.

Distributed 182,000 Meals

to children in the Child Development Centers in 2019.

Over 5,000 Pastors

were personally trained & equipped by IREF in 2019.

2,000+ Food Packages

for families affected by August 2019 floods.

4,000+ Food Packages

distributed to poor in 2020 to help combat COVID-19.