2022 Gift Catalog is Now Available

One gift this season can have a far-reaching impact, touching children and families, and rippling out to transform entire communities.

Sports Uniforms

IREF desires to provide each student with proper sports apparel. Although the school sports uniform is designated for the physical education class, it also offers children from poor backgrounds another set of clothing. Many children come to IREF without proper clothing or the means to purchase any clothing at all.

The polyester, dry-fit material will help tolerate the extreme heat of India.

Cost: $10 per uniform

Text SPORTS to 224-228-3981 to give today!

Hygiene Kit

Students at IREF come from backgrounds where essentials like toothpaste and soap are not part of daily life. Each hygiene kit includes toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, and hair product. These are distributed regularly to IREF students to help them live healthier lives.

Cost: $5 per hygiene kit

Text HYGIENE to 224-228-3981 to give

Telugu Bibles

Bibles are always in need as IREF Evangelists regularly distribute Bibles written in the Telugu language to new Christians. The need for the Word of God is never-ending! One of IREF’s annual goals is to give 1,000 Bibles to 1,000 new believers and for only $7 a Bible can be purchased for one who desires to know the life-changing story of Jesus Christ.

Cost: $7 per Bible

Text TBIBLE to 224-228-3981 to give today!

Disaster Relief Package

For less than a tank of gas, you can provide two weeks of food to a family in need! Between 2020 and 2021, we provided over 4,000 care packages to families affected by COVID-19. The local State Representative said it best, “IREF is the first non-government representative to come see these families; not just see, but to provide for them outside of pre-designated government aid.” Please consider donating a few dollars to a help a family in need.

Cost: $25 per package

Text RELIEF to 224-228-3981 to give today

IREF Ministry Opportunities

Tech Booth

While IREF continues to improve its quality of lights, sound, and video production, the IREF church does not have a distinctive area for a tech booth. IREF would like to have a proper, safe, and centralized area for its equipment in order for the Gospel to be present in-person and via media outlets well in IREF’s continued evangelistic reach.

Total Cost: $4,500

For more information on this project, email us at info@irefusa.org

School Roof

IREF has been blessed to have two elementary schools in two dialects – one in Telugu and the other in English. Despite a sturdy building, over time the roof has become extremely damaged. Due to deterioration, a massive hole in the roof has made it difficult during the rainy season as water floods the school. It is imperative that the school has a dry and healthy environment for students.

Total Cost: $11,000

For more information on this project, email us at info@irefusa.org

The ministry of IREF is an example of what is possible when people come together to help those in need.

15:1 Teacher to Student Ratio

every student is seen, known, and loved.

80% of IREF Students

are saved and baptized by graduation.

Distributed 182,000 Meals

to children in the Child Development Centers in 2019.

Over 5,000 Pastors

were personally trained & equipped by IREF in 2019.

2,000+ Food Packages

for families affected by August 2019 floods.

4,000+ Food Packages

distributed to poor in 2020 to help combat COVID-19.